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System Outline

CBAS Tablet - Laptop - Smartphone Friendly

  • Is a web-based computerized biomechanical assessment system.
  • It is a highly detailed data collection and storage tool.
  • CBAS saves you time, money and paper and increases your professionalism.

CBAS is for clinicians such as Certified Pedorthists, Podiatrists, Chiropodists, Orthotists and Foot-Care Nurses who already have the knowledge and training in lower extremity assessments and wish to enhance their abilities and professionalism while decreasing time writing and reviewing reports and work orders. Clinicians simply use CBAS instead of pen and paper during the assessment of their clients.

What it Does

 CBAS facilitates collection and storage of client information which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Basic personal information (name, age, weight, address, phone number, shoe size, referral source…)
  • Complaint information (diagnosed ailment, shoe fit problem, walking trouble, location of pain, type of pain, previous help/treatments…)
  • Biomechanical evaluation ( foot/leg alignment, foot/leg ROM, shoe features, skeletal abnormalities, skin conditions, effects of biomechanical special test, orthotic/ shoe modification evaluation…)
  • Gait Analysis (walking patterns, foot/leg motions, abnormalities or normalities in the segments of gait, posture in gait, prompts for reasoning of abnormalities…)
  • Picture and video clip frame image uploading including adding notation and image mark-up
  • Specialized Diabetes Foot screening tools
  • Summary (labeling of problems, supplies conclusion choices, detailed identification of structures involved…)
  • Treatment Plan (Lists multitude of treatment options to be chosen from ie. stretches, orthotics, shoes, shoe modifications, braces for various body parts…)


CBAS uses the collection of data along with selected report sentences to provide summary reports. One is directed towards the client, the other is designed for the referral source such as a referring physician.

Reports can include supplied pictures for footwear, stretches and anatomical drawings as well as ones added by the clinician. The initial input of client information including the name of the referring professional is automatically embedded into the report.

Reports can be printed in full with all the biomechanical and gait analysis information that was collected in the exam or simply as a single page report. Additional recipients for a report can be added with a simple click or by typing in their name or organization.


CBAS allows companies to generate statistics through their administrative account.

There are stats related to location of the problems, pathology, referring professionals, and treatment plans including products and services supplied or recommended.